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One time a couple of years ago, when I was working on my MSc, my parents took me out for dinner, and in the middle of it, my Dad handed me a pocket notebook and a package of eight Crayola crayons and asked me to explain my thesis to him.  I found a blank page, thought for a minute, and tried to put my very abstract thesis into pictures, to moderate success — art is not something I’m talented at, and the pictures ended up squished in a corner of the crowded page.  It must’ve made an impression on my Dad, though, because since then, whenever my Dad has asked about what I’m working on, he’s made a quip about having a package of crayons waiting for me.   

My parents are both very smart people, but neither of them have much of a formal background in science beyond high school.  Science is often communicated in technical language, which is often very discipline-specific and can be very obscure, or through popular media, which frequently obscures or misrepresents the findings.  However, I believe that having a grasp of solid, evidence based science is becoming increasingly important, regardless of what level or kind of formal education a person has.  This blog is my attempt to lay a plank over the gap between the technical language of science and the lay language of people like my parents.  Eight Crayon Science is not about jargon, obscure details, or pages of formulas and mathematics. It’s about the fundamental ideas underpinning the science that affects our everyday lives. It’s about communicating those ideas, discoveries, and theories in a way that’s clear, honest, and hopefully accessible. It’s about fostering a dialogue about science that everyone, not just specialists and scientists, can participate in comfortably — and I hope you do! Science is helping to provide us with the means to understand some of the most important changes occurring in the world around us, and I hope you’ll join me in exploring and discovering our world.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions for posts, or feedback, I would love to hear from you. Please email me at eight.crayon.science {at} gmail {dot} com. Welcome aboard!

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  1. this is going to be a great blog to read! the communities where we work are really impacted by the environmental shifts happening, more natural disasters, changes in season pattersn….all of which are impacting the lives, livelihoods and infrastructures of these areas. and they refer to climate change all the time. it will be interesting to learn more about the environmental sciences, as it can help us to understand some mitigation tactics before things get worse.

    keep up the stellar work!

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