Hello Again, Internet!

In light of my continued and increasingly public involvement with Science Borealis (a Canadian science blogging network that a group of us are putting together), I think the time has come to put my actual name on this blog, rather than awkwardly skirting around the pseudonym issue. I was hoping to have a rebuilt site ready to go by now, but science has had other ideas and kept me busy lately. So, without further ado…..

Hi! I’m Stephanne Taylor — like Stephanie, but spelt just strangely enough to cause confusion — and I’m a PhD student at McGill University in Montreal. I’m currently studying physical oceanography, but I have done research in gravitational physics and also a bit of applied physics. I’ll have a full research write-up and bio when I finish the new site, hopefully within a few weeks.

In the mean time, I’m handling the Twitter account for Science Borealis for July, where we’re trying to build a robust network of Canadian scientists, science communicators of all stripes, and science enthusiasts in advance of our full site launch. Please join us there!

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