Monthly Archives: October 2015

Some Housekeeping

Well that was a longer hiatus than anticipated! Theses are like gases that fill to expand a grad student’s life, and once I stopped blogging it was far easier to not blog than start up again. (I think there’s a law along that line…) But the End Of Thesis is within sight and I finally have a little more breathing room, so I’m aiming to get back to blogging here with a non-zero frequency. Even though I’ve not been writing here for some time, I’ve written a few things elsewhere, mostly editorials for Science Borealis:

I saw both The Martian and (finally) Interstellar recently, so it may be time for another round of Steph Overthinks Science Fiction Movies With Questionable Physics. (Previously in that series: Pacific Rim.) Though I actually thought The Martian did a good job with the science! I was very pleasantly surprised! I was substantially less impressed with Interstellar.

In short, more soon, and hopefully with more regularity.