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It’s been a while…

At lot can happen in 10 months! Long story short, I was up to my eyes in finishing the PhD, and blogging just kept getting shoved on the backburner. But! I finally finished and defended! This is a great relief and I’ve been slowly returning to world since I got the final revisions in.

In the ensuing few months, I did publish a few things at Science Borealis, and a piece at Hakai Magazine!

  • The Climate Anxiety Doctor is In: I interviewed a poet and professor about her climate counselling project, where she sets up a booth in a park in Providence, RI and talks with people about what worry about in a changing climate.
  • An obituary for Ursula Franklin: Ursula Franklin was an extraordinary scientist and activist, and her death is a great loss even if she had, as my grandfather would’ve put it, “a good innings.”
  • A New Wave of Astronomy: A basic intro to gravitational waves, posted shortly after the first GW detection event was publicized.
  • Why all the fuss about neutrinos?: An editorial on neutrinos, for some context around Arthur Macdonald’s Nobel win in 2015.

Now that I don’t have a thesis looming over my head, I’m hoping to get back into writing somewhat regularly — here’s hoping that pans out.